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July 9 ZOOM meeting


Nancy Simpson, Welsh Honey Judge has offered to help us prepare honey for Honey Shows!!! This is an exciting opportunity to prepare for future Honey Shows! In Fact, the Georgia State Beekeepers Association will be having their Honey Show, VIRTUALLY, this year, and their "black jar," competition will be offering a LARGE sum of money in prizes! (most honey shows offer monetary prizes!)

For WBA there will be several areas to compete . . .
A.) PINT HONEY (like you submit for the SC State Fair)
Class 1: Extracted Honey Extracted honey is judged in three classes: light, medium, and dark. Entrants may submit one entry in each of these three classes. One entry of extracted honey is defined as one pint jar. All forms of extracted honey are to be presented in one- glass  jars without tamper proof seals. Closures may be of metal or plastic No labels on the jars. Judges evaluate entries on the following: ● Cleanliness of the jar and lid ● Correct fill level ● Uniformity of the three jars that comprise the entry ● Cleanliness and clarity of the honey ● Moisture content (only if needed) ● Aroma and flavor (for off aromas and or flavors)
B.) CHUNK HONEY (Like you would submit for the SC State Fair) All Classes with Chunk Comb • Neatness and uniformity of cut…Upgrade for parallel and 4-sided cuts; downgrade for ragged edges • Absence of watery capping, uncapped cells and pollen • Cleanliness of product - Down-grade for travel stains, foreign matter, was, foam or crystallization • Uniformity of appearance in capping structure, color, and accuracy of fill • One (1) piece of comb in jar Cut Comb Honey - 
C.) WAX BLOCK (Like you would submit for the SC State Fair) minimum 1 pound (16 ox.) not to exceed 17 oz. • The optimum color for pure beeswax is light canary to straw yellow JUDGING CRITERIA • Cleanliness • Uniformity of appearance • Color • Aroma • Absence of cracks and shrinkage
D.) PHOTOGRAPHY (Like you would submit for the SCBA Honey Show) Each member may enter one photograph of their own composition. A 3" x 5" white card on which a brief description of the photograph is written must accompany each entry, entrants name should not be on card. Photograph must not have been previously entered in a SCBA honey contest nor published.
E.) TEXTILES (Like you will submit to the SCBA Honey Show) This class includes any decorative or artistic exhibit of needlecraft, some examples of which might include knitting, crochet, lace, embroidery, quilting, cross-stitch, needlepoint, or weaving, relating to honey bees or beekeeping. An Exhibitor may submit one example of any beekeeping related needlecraft of their own creation. Judges evaluate entries on the following: subject matter, aesthetic appeal, technical proficiency, creativity, and originality. *A 4” x 6” white card with a description of the item must accompany each exhibit.

PLEASE consider participating! We will have ribbons for those deemed "winners," in their categories! (and considering last time we did this we only had one area of competition and 3 competitors . . . your odds are real good!!!) 

IF you choose to participate, you will simply hold your "entry" near your face, in the camera, and Nancy will help us walk through how to show and improve our products. Having a flashlight might help her identify more clearly how good your product is! 

Please feel free to mail your dues and documents to:

Wateree Beekeepers Association @ PO Box 1714 Camden, SC 29021


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