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February 4, 2021 Zoom meeting


At the last meeting we took a poll regarding the format of upcoming classes.

Overwhelmingly, the vote was for us to start a series of classes leading to Journeyman Certification!

This is NOT a beginning class, but will expand on the teachings of the Certified Class.  Not much time will be spent on reviewing information that is easily accessible in your study guides and most Beginner books.

With that said, February 4, will be the talk that Rosalind gave to the Fall 2020 Journeyman Class about Taxonomy. (Where do Honey bees fit in the Animal Kingdom, and how we can recognize their relatives) 

This lecture will be abbreviated to meet the timing of the monthly meeting time requirements, but will cover the topics that are foundational to How we understand the responsibilities of Honey bees in the insect world. 

Rosalind Severt received her Master Beekeeper Certification upon completion of the Written Examination in December 2020.  This test was the first, written for SCBA by David MacFawn and Dr. Dewey Carron, and reviewed by a committee of experts in the field of entomology, and apiculture. Her major, of Apiculture Education included writing Beginner curriculum, Journeyman level curriculum, and presentations on the similarities and differences of Adult learners and "Traditional" learners (and how to take advantage of this knowledge to help "more mature" beekeepers learn more effectively). She accumulated over 20 Public Service Credits beyond Journeyman, as well as 9 major Credits and 15 minor Credits.  She will be declaring for her Master Craftsman level by Spring of 2021! Stay tuned for a research topic!

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Please feel free to mail your dues and documents to:

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