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Please leave us a detailed message about what you have going on. A swarm is a BALL o' bees like the image to the right. A cluster of bees with no place to go. We will gladly collect your swarms, put them in hive boxes and care for them.

IF the bees are already in your house, under the siding, or in your attic, please use the following web address to locate someone who can do a "cut out." Make sure to ask if they are insured or at least bonded. Make sure they will remove the bees, the comb, the honey and any residue the bees leave behind. Make sure you ask if they keep bees, where they are kept and how many hives the person has. Too many folks do these cut outs, and kill the bees, or don't know enough and let them die.

You can also call our Swarm Hotline at 803-900-4981. This number goes to a Voicemail that sends us an email. The more details the better!


A swarm of European honey bees clinging to a tree.jpg
Bee on a Daisy

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