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Wateree Beekeepers Association Welcomes You


Our Roots

In 2009 a small group got together, and created a club called the Kershaw County Beekeepers.  The name was quickly changed when the founders realized the breadth of locations represented in the group. The Club was renamed, the Wateree Beekeepers Association.


Making A Difference for Apiculture in our Community


We meet monthly, at the Homemaker's Building, in Camden, to learn about the most current Best Management Practices in the world of Apiculture. As a group, we neither endorse nor condemn most methods of Beekeeping.  We fully endorse natural methods of beekeeping but understand others may have differing opinions. 


Bees work for man,
and yet they never bruise
Their Master's flower, 
but leave it having done,
As fair as ever and as fit to use;
So both the flower doth stay 
and honey run. 
- George Herbert, The Church-Providence

Contact Wateree Beekeepers Association

PO Box 1714 Camden, SC 29021