Purchase is available to current Wateree Beekeeper Association Members only.  If you do not have a current membership, please add or renew prior to placing your order. These bees are for personal use and not intended for resale.  All orders will be checked to insure all prerequisites have been fulfilled. In the event that they have not. Your order will be cancelled.

Pickup is tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of April 10, 2021.     If the weather is not conducive for mating queens, they reserve the right to delay the pickup.  Any weather delays related to your order will be passed along to you via email as soon as we receive them. 

All orders are first paid first served.  Your package order will be reserved when your payment has been received.  There are no refunds.

Once you have ordered your packages/queens and we have received your payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email and your package and/or queen order will be officially reserved, upon verification of membership.  Additional information about your order will be sent out periodically via email.  

When you order packages and queens from the Wateree Beekeepers Association you are agreeing to these terms:

1) Your annual WBA dues must be paid to accept your order. If you haven’t paid for your membership dues for the year, please add a membership to your order.

2) If the weather is not conducive for mating queens the apiary reserves the right to delay the pickup.  You will be notified if there are any weather related delays via your current email address on file.

3) Packages and queens are to be picked up on the day of delivery. If you cannot make the pickup time/date, then you are responsible for arranging for the pickup of your order.

4) If a third-party will pick up your order, they must have a written permission slip.  Please make sure they have your permission slip when they arrive to pick up your bees.
5) Packages and queens not claimed on the delivery date become the property of The Wateree Beekeepers Association. All funds associated with un-claimed bee packages and queens are forfeited to the association.

6) The Wateree Beekeepers Association purchases bees, and queens, for the benefit of its members as a group purchase. Wateree Beekeepers Association is not a retail distributor, does not operate an apiary, or commercial bee yard. Any inquiry regarding the bees you will receive should be made prior to your purchase. We announce in our membership meetings where we will be purchasing bees for the coming season. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to seek out satisfactory answers to their questions from these sources prior to purchase.

7) The purchase of bees has inherent risks. The purchaser assumes all risks and agrees to hold Wateree Beekeepers Association, its officers, directors, and members harmless for any physical or financial injury related to this purchase.

8) Once the purchaser takes possession of the bee package(s), nucleus hive(s)and/or queen(s) all responsibility of the Wateree Beekeepers Association ends and the purchaser assumes all responsibility.

9) There are no refunds. If purchaser wishes an assessment of any problem with the purchased item it is the purchaser's responsibility to return the item to a location designated by the Wateree Beekeepers Association and an assessment will be made. This assessment does not imply any further action on the part of Wateree Beekeepers Association.

10) Wateree Beekeepers Association reserves the option of refusing any order.

If you have any questions on anything, including the above conditions, or need any assistance with your order please fill out the contact form on this website or send an email to WBABeekeepers@gmail.com.

Marked Italian Queens

  •  By submitting an online payment you are implicitly agreeing to the terms of the Hold Harmless Agreement and Release. Your submitted payment will serve as your electronic signature.



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