This event will be on May 22, at the Severt's, from 9-2.  Morning sessions include 2 choices between; Mite counts and Treatment, frame reading, and splits.  Afternoon sessions include 4 options and you get to select 2 for you to make, and take. We would appreciate you signing up for your preferences. Choices include making and  samples of the following;  robbing screen,, , top shim, filler frame, or bottom board.  Lunch will be included. Registration is open to members and there will be limited space. If you have an allergy to bees or stinging insects, we ask that you not attend as we will be dealing with live honey bees and have no way of ensuring you will not be stung. You will need to bring your own Safety Gear, a veil will be required to work in the apiary. IF IF


Sign up for the morning sessions is not required, as no materials are involved. You can decide when you get here.  However, IF two family members are coming and you intend to make 4 projects between the two of you, please register for each person, individually.  Thank you.  All other options will need to be worked out outside of this platform. (We can make most things happen, just give us a few minutes!)


Hands in the Hive

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