This course (of 4 classes) will be offered at an indoor location, in the City of Camden, with proper social distancing. It is a series of classes, to prepare you to be a Certified SC Beekeeper, and will meet on the following dates; Saturdays, Oct 9, 16, 23, and 30. NONE of these classes are "stand alone." One must take all 16 hours to have effectively covered basic instruction. Beekeeping is an expensive hobby and we want you fully armed!

Time: 1:00-5:00

The fee will include a recommended beginner book, a membership with the WBA.

What will I learn?

  • Races of honey bees and terminology

  • Anatomy, biology, and physiology of honeybees

  • Types of hives, hive parts, and accessories

  • Products of the Hive

  • Why keep honeybees, agricultural dependence, and history of honeybees

  • Startup cost and equipment needed

  • Feeding, transporting & hive placement

  • Why honeybees swarm and their management

  • Disorders, parasites, and hive invaders

  • How bees make it through the cold winter months & what we can do to help

  • How to inspect a hive and honey harvesting

  • Pollination and management of a hive throughout different seasons.

  • When, where and how to buy bees

IF you wish to take the Certified Examination after you complete the course, it is an additional $10 paid to the South Carolina Beekeepers Association, at the time of the test, and you must be a member of the SCBA (which is another $10 fee) Please go to to find more information about testing dates.

The test is NOT required to keep bees in SC, and is no longer offered by local clubs.

There will be no food or drink included in the class. It is suggested that everyone bring notetaking materials.

Fall 2021 Beginning Beekeeping Course-16 hours

  • Taking a beekeeping course does not in any way guarantee success in raising honeybees, but it does increase your odds. Honeybees are considered livestock and are subject to changes in conditions on a regular basis. Participating in our course will cover the material to prepare you for the South Carolina State Beekeepers Certified Exam.  Your success with raising honeybees will be dependent on many factors, including weather.  It is in our best interest to prepare you for success, because your success directly affects the success of our hives and the health of our honeybees.