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A complete “mediums” colony set up, including: 1 telescoping top cover w/inner cover, 1 screened bottom board with entrance reducer, 4 unassembled medium boxes (2 for brood box, 1 for honey super, 1 for the extra space you will need if it’s a good Spring flow or to cover your feeder), 40 unassembled wedge top, split bottom frames, and 40 sheets of wax. These were purchased from Mann Lake, during their “Black Friday” sale for the benefit of our membership. We have 5 of these “set ups” available. The retail price was $283.30, but by purchasing them during our bulk order, the individual parts received a 10% discount, so your purchase price is $255.00. You pay NO SHIPPING or mark-up!  We have receipts if there are any questions. 

Complete medium set-up

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